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26 Nov Thank you for your time and patience. 👮‍♂️ The children LOVED the opportunity to chat with you and everything you…

26 Apr Wow! A huge thank you to Sarah-Jane from the Royal Institution of Great Britain for a fantastic science show! And t…

26 Apr We are ready for ‘Bringing science to life’ show with the Royal Institute of Great Britain. We are looking forward to seeing you at 5:45pm!

5 Apr I would like to say what a great few days year 3 have had in Wales. I am so proud of the children for taking part i…

5 Apr Our last team challenges this morning were the obstacle course and scavenger hunt. A great team effort by all.

4 Apr The snow has returned in Wales.

4 Apr This afternoon we braved the bottle run and dam building. The class loved every minute. Despite the weather!!!!

4 Apr Campfire building and cooking- winner!!!

4 Apr I posted a new video to Facebook

3 Apr An update on year 3's fun day in sunny Wales. We are having lots of fun.